Crossing it out

14 Sep

I’m a list girl. I tend to plan thing out to death, I make list for everything, not just for the supermarket. When I run errands, I make a list of what I need to do, where I need to go and yes, I do (run screaming from weird me RIGHT NOW – SAVE YOURSELF – GOOOO!) mark my route and the time I should spend in getting that particular errand done and over with. I never understood the reason behind why I’m so anal about making a list, checking it twice (wait! that is the wrong thing for this right?).. anyway, were was I??? oh yes… you may think it’s because.. HELLO, SO I CAN GET THE SHIT STUFF DONE!

right? (come on me easy?…. pleeaseee!)

uh, no, not me. I just like to write a TO DO list. Ok, yes, it does keep me super organized and on track (some times) and yes the shit stuff does get done (maybe not in the order that it was meant on the ON THE LIST) but it gets done and crossed.

And that is why I like to MAKE THE LIST .


I like to make them so I can CROSS it OUT. Call me crazy, yeah, sure go RIGHT AHEAD, I wont tell anyone…

Because it’s the most stupid and idiotic reason to make a list. But, deep down there is something liberating when I take it and cross the shit stuff it right OFF.

Unfortunately, the list for this weekend is not looking so good…

Exhibit A (page 1 of 4 – yes damn it, its a 4 page list, told you I needed to get A LOT of shit done before the trip)


can you see??… one (1) thing is crossed out…ONE!  Apparently, I’m NOT on SCHEDULE… unless you look at exhibit B (otherwise known as page 2):


Note how I put questions marks next to thing… that is my cop-out… if it has a question mark, it means that i’m allow to skip it if I’m running late in getting things done. Sort of like a free pass to getting the list COMPLETLY DONE, regarless if its not ALL DONE. (clever me eh? Folks, rules are MEANT to be broken)
I’m still way behind, so that is why I’m now going to go to bed and dream of spending the weekend CROSSING IT OUT. IN RED, so it can REALLY stand OUT.


One Response to “Crossing it out”

  1. Diane Mandy September 18, 2007 at 9:46 pm #

    Wow! You ARE a list girl. I thought I was bad, but you hve me beat!!! Not a bad thing though…

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