Rock a baby and Zipi-di-duda in 3 day

23 Sep

So we were off, now probably you all thinking, “Dude…. you said you were going to blog every day.”

Well easier said than done… why? Well, let me point out a couple of reasons:

a) The internet is NOT available for free, regardless of the fact that RCCL web site states that they have WiFI available for those bring their on computers. You still have to pluck down the “mula” for usage. In the tune of .33 cents per minute! Yeah, the bloging has been radically reduced!

b) And also the most major fact that the first day of sailing was pretty much the most horrible experience for all. It seems that the pacific ocean had a bit of a welcome for us, in the tune of 13-14 foot waves that rocked this ship like a shaken martini. NO FUN. Unfortunately, all of us had a major bout of seasickness (and most of the other passengers as well). The ship was a ghost town the first day, everyone keep to the cabin and hoped for a quick death.


And that was all the excitement of the first day.

The third day we sailed into our first city, which happen to be the capita of Alaska: Juneau. The weather was not cooperating since it was gray and raining, but that was not going to let our plans be derailed, we had an exiting event and we were not going to let a bit of rain keep us in. We had a huge breakfast (yes, there is food on this ship 24/7) Let me give you a tip: forget the diet if you ever go cruising, its just a losing battle and the buffet will ALWAYS win.

Back to the exiting thing… we all signed up for an adventure tour called Zip-Line. The short version explanation: You are basically suspended with a harness over the canopy of the forest while you get strapped to a wire maze and then you do like a monkey and zip your way about.

The long version? There is none.

We got on the bus which took us to the pier where the captain of a small vessel told us he was going to take us across to the other side… this got meet with horrified faces, I think we all turned green at the prospect of going on a smaller boat after spending the better part of 24 hour puking our brains out on the big SHIP with STABILIZER… something that the little boat DID.NOT.HAVE! After we told the nice captain that we were shitting in our pants scared, he took pity and said he would go slow. We boarded and off we went… FAST! We got taken up to the beach where we climbed to a rugged looking cabin-like nestled in the woods… at this time the rain was still coming down and it was a bit cold, but we figure they would take care of us. I mean they were PROFESSIONALS.

Inside the house we meet our hunks instructors: Eddie and Scott… if they were ever the definition of a mountain men, they were it! Scott looked a bit crazy and daredevil – My kind of guy. After introducing us, they gave us instructions to go to the bathroom first, since once we got into the gear, it would be the POINT-OF-NO-RETURN. We all bee-lined to the toilets. We then started to put on more equipment that we ever had on our bodies in our life. The harness, the chest harness, the rope to hold the cameras, the video cameras, the hats, the hard hats, the gloves, man we looked like aliens.

Zip Line 1

We were then huddle up into this 4×4 golf car for the woods (TOYOTA eat your hear out) and take up the forest, the very wet and cold forest. Dropped off and Scott jumped off and told us to follow him… and we hiked… yes HIKED! We barely made it to the first platform, the gym is baby steps compare to that climb. Here Scott proceeded to instruct us in the right way to NOT plumb to our death… by showing the right way to step off the platform and unto the lines that will zip us up to 40 miles per hour to the next platform… and the next and the next. As demonstrated by our pictures we all started a bit tentatively, by zip line number 4 we were shouting and trying to do cannonballs and turns while zipping down the wires. Our speeds went from the 40 miles up to 75! (not even a ticket for speeding!). While we were cold and freezing our buts off, we were at the same time loving every single minute of it. The tour ended by rappelling down the last platform into the house to peel ourself off the wet gear and then do our best to warm our cold bodies back to life.

Zip Line 2

Bridge 1

The bridges we had to walk on, to get the other side… FUN… except for the group behind us, when Scott (our instructor) thought it would be hilarious to swing it back and forth and jump up and down ON IT!


Then we ran to the ship to change and venture out to the closest bar for some local brew and food. We found it, if you are ever in the capita of Alaska, skip the tourist place and go the Hanger… hang out with the local and treat yourself to a bowl of chowder, this time it was halibut chowder, the most delicious thing ever.



One Response to “Rock a baby and Zipi-di-duda in 3 day”

  1. Diane Mandy September 26, 2007 at 9:20 pm #

    I remember RCCL’s Internet being a total rip-off. I’m sorry that the first day was so rough, but it sounds like you have had quite the adventure. Your photos are WONDERFUL!

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