All Aboard… cho-cho!!

24 Sep

On to Day 4 of our adventure… on this day we hit our second port of call: Skagway, with a cloudy, 57 degree weather we were pretty much guarantee another wet day. Apparently the thing to do is mark your territory:

Skagway Port

We originally had set a tour to bike down the glacier, stopping to take pictures of waterfalls, and scenery that would take your breath away. It was raining by the time we finish our breakfast and none of us felt secure in the knowledge that even our expertise in using hand break would save us from sliding down the wet train in our butts. So we did what sane people do: We opted for the nice, HEATED, ride aboard the world-famous White Pass and Yukon Railroad tour.

A bit of history: The White Pass & Yukon route was designated an international Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1994. And after riding it, you realized that these men who were part of building this famous route had to account for many difficult and hazardous obstacles: design challenges, granite mountains, steep grades, cliff hanging turns and unimaginable weather conditions.

We first made a quick walked over to the town, which encompasses 455 sq miles of land and 11 sq. miles of water. It is the home of 850 year-round residents and you can pretty much see it in under an hour. We say about 1/2 of the town in 20 minutes. Were else in North America you find views like this:

Toilet 1

Yes, its a toilet, right in the middle of the seaside walk into town. My sister made sure to check for its authenticity:

Toilet Veronica

Then while walking into town we found the mother load people:


Do I need to say more?

Then we walked a bit more, and found a local internet cafe, were we plucked the bargain price of $5 for 1 hour of internet service… I checked email and then I tried to post… and was unable to … (hence the late posts).

After picking up the bus back to the ship, we boared up the train and off we chu-chu up the mountain (to the tune of 2,888 feet!), we we saw a bit of this:

Train View 1

And some of this… which unfortunately pictures do not do them justice

Train View 2

Tomorrow we hit another port of call…. but last night we found this in our cabin, apparently housekeeping crew has a great sense of humor around here:

Towel Art

Wondering what its in store for us tonight.


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