Poles and Lumberjacks!

25 Sep

We arrived at our last port of call in Alaska to .. try to guess???

Yes…. RAIN!!! The rain would just not go away, but this time, it was worse than any other port of call, it was really coming down and to top of it it was cold and windy, so it made it more COLD and MISERABLE.

The town of Ketchikan awaited us. This was the first Alaska city (according to the guide book and the big sign as soon as you walked into town) , it was actually the biggest of all the ports we had been thus far, something that all of us were very happy about. We were starting to feel a bit isolated and part of extras in a movie set. But like the towns before it, it had its small town look….what we liked best was the fisherman look was all around us:

The town is heavy gear toward the indian ancestors and all you could see were evidence of the many references to the Totem poles. After much deliberation, we decided the only thing to do in the weather was take cover and we headed to the end of the pier to purchase tickets to the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show. The girls in the group decided that we needed a bit of man looking and if they were the rugged kind, even better… the show did not disappoint. If you are ever in Alaska, go to it. Its funny, great audience participation and they almost made you forget that you were sitting under a cold, raining and windy day.

Lumberjack US

This was our team above (the theater was divided unto 2 groups – each behind 2 lumberjack team the US and the Canadians). Wonder if I could bring home someone that could do this:

Lumberjack pole

That is 50 feet up!

After this we walked a bit more and took some of these:

Totem Pole Veronica

Part of a totem pole with my sister at the end (each portion of the pole has a specific meaning) and the actual constructions of one is labor intensive and done by a native carver.

We had to sample their smoke salmon and my sister and I bough enough cans of the stuff to keep us happy for the rest of the year. We then hunted for food, and ended up in this place:


It was recommended by a local, so a MACA tip: always ask the local were they eat, and don’t follow the tourist anywhere! If you are ever there, order the calamari, which toss in a oriental sweet and sour dressing and OMG, they are delicious. Of course we had to try the chowder, since we are in the hunt to see who has the best one (this place moved up on the rankings)

While there we saw a sight we thought we were not going to see ever: THE SUN.. it came out! the blasted rain had finally stopped! We all could not put our coats fast enough to get out of there and out to the open air without the umbrellas.

We obviously went click happy:



One Response to “Poles and Lumberjacks!”

  1. Sofi September 28, 2007 at 4:33 pm #

    Oh Monica, it looks so deliciously cold. Enjoy it, because soon enough you will be back in tropical Florida. Hope you’re having a wonderful trip.

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