Left our heart in San Francisco

28 Sep

We planned wrong… at least that was the consensus of the group.

We should have gotten off in San Francisco and stay there… because first it was not RAINING and second there were things to DO, to SEE, to just BUY (that were not touristically incline!) Was it my favorite city? Hell yes. (note to self: COME BACK). We arrived on Friday and as our trusting night waiter mention “get up early, so you can see us crossing the Golden Gate” We set the clock and along with the other 2,000 passengers ran to the top deck to wait our crossing… with sites like this, who would complaint about an early morning wake up call:

Golden Gate 1

The whole misty morning even gave it a romantic feel… we clicked away, getting closer and closer to it

Golden Gate 2

So close in fact that when we went right under it, for a second we thought we are not going to clear it…we were wrong

Golden Gate 3

And at the same time the captain made a statement by waking up all of San Francisco by pressing the horn 4 times announcing our arrival. We cheered and clapped (I think we were all secretly glad to be in a city that had more than 500 residents)… and took more pictures like these:

Group 1

and more flattering like these:

Golden Gate 4

After running to our cabins to get our backpacks and bundled up, we avoided the stampede (After 2 days straight at sea, you would want to get off too, trust me). and got off the ship! We had a tour planned, but we still had a bit of time to go exploring here


and because we have not eaten enough on this trip, to sample some of this:


We all agree, the best chowder of the trip.

After walking a bit more and spending money in the gift shops we headed back to the pier in order to board up the tour we had plucked down… a trip into Muir National Park and Sausalito

Fighting our way into the bus among the senior citizens was a huge accomplishment (those older people are feisty!). But the trip was relaxing and we all loved Muir, were else could you witness mother nature at its most impressive? Walking under a canopy of trees older than your own generation is a sight that you will never forget (I’m so packing and moving to this side of the country).

Muir 1

This one is over 800 years old

Muir 2

We got dizzy just looking up!

Muir 3

The smell of fresh air and the sounds of calm were just what we needed to get a bit silly

Muir 4

This park left a huge impression on all of us. To take care of our earth more, in the end, we are destroying what has give us a home, to discard its importance is such a disservice to ourself.

We left Muir, for the sights of Sausalito and more of San Francisco sights.


One Response to “Left our heart in San Francisco”

  1. Diane Mandy September 30, 2007 at 8:51 pm #

    I (heart) San Fran! Glad you got the chance to go. Be sure to ake it back.

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