San Francisco… part two

28 Sep

Since we left off here is the rest of the stuff we did in San Francisco….

We took a mandatory cable cars…with the unmistakable ding! ding! announcing their arrival the cars are a throwback to the late 1800’s. Today they still bustle along. We took it all the way to downtown, crossing San Francisco from one end to the other. I learn that this is the only National Historic Landmark in the US that “moves”. The actual turning of the cars at the end of the line is done all by two (or three) BIG guys by hand… they are the ones that move the car unto the platform and then pushes them around in a 90 degree to face the tracks up the hill. As demonstrated here:

Cable Car

The car comes to the platform (as shown above) and then they make it turn …

Cable Car 2

Then you fight your way into it (the only people that ride them are tourist) and pay the enormous fee of $5 to ride it, and for only one leg! I wanted to hang out and I got my wish by having it so full, that I got the prime spot of the handrail, facing the opposite way from the front. After about 5 min on it and the fact that I was scared to death of falling off it and being hit by incoming traffic, I took the camera and manage to take some of these pictures:

Hills 1

this one shows the hill side the best:

Hills 2

See I told you I was on the outside rail… but then… THEN… we were going downhill! DOWNHILL… into the end of the line smack in the middle of downtown…

Hills 3

My utmost respect to the conductor!

As we got off, the bustling city was all around us. It reminded me a bit of New York City, with people walking and going in and out of shops – I finally realized how much I hate MALLS… I love having the shops right there, in the middle of the street. Because you will just not find this kind of thing in the mall:


Yep… you read it right…



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