Vacation Blues and full blown planning

1 Oct

We are all back home… BOOO HOOO!

Has it been 9 days? It seems so short… After a very long, LONG trip (we crossed the country!) today I stayed home to unpack, re-acquaint myself with the cats, which have clunk to me like never before (I guess the miss me??) and catch up on my DVR list.  Dude there is like 100 hours of TV in there, no to mention the 4 movies from Netflix that I need to see.

Can you say full vegetation weekend ahead? Yes you can.

In the meantime we are starting to plan the 2008 vacation… some of the contenders that we threw in the vacation hat:

  1. Argentina, which was originally our 2007 plan, but nobody could go in the low season, so it was change to Alaska. And since Sept seems to be the best month for all of us to take off, we are dumping this one off the list again.
  2. Ecuador, or more like the Galapagos… we all had a taste of the Eco-Adventure-Nature vacation with Alaska and we know that the dollar will go far on this one.  But, can you say a bit nervous about cruising again?
  3. Peru, same deal as above (yes there is a trend going for South America).  But, its just not really doing it for us.
  4. Greece.  Unfortunately, as much as we all want to head over to Europe, the current situation (the dollar is worth shit over there) does not give us bang for our buck.
  5. Hawaii: this is a very strong contender, since it has all that we want, Adventure, Nature, 4 out of 5 of us never been and we all decided that we have neglected our internal US travel (we all immigrated to the US and none of us have seen it! – SHAME ON US!)
  6. Costa Rica – This one I’m trying to pitch to the group, mainly because we can do the same things that we want to do in Hawaii but…. much, much CHEAPER!

So those are it… Hawaii is truly the one we are ready to start to look at, with Costa Rica a close second.  Nevertheless we got a bunch of little roadtrips and mini-vacation planned till we set off to our 2008 adventure.

Now we just have to stop saying: “are we there yet?”


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