A week and a half ago…

5 Oct

I was doing some of this:

to head out for a 9 day adventure pack vacation and experience this:


Today “H” send me some of the pictures that were taken with his camera (yes we had ourself a bit of a photographers competition in the works and guess what? he TOTALLY kicked my ass). And while most are of landscapes of mountains, rivers and water that take your breath away (Alaska does do that to people)… the ones that I remember the most are the ones were we were all together, goofing off, trying to look cool while enjoying the best thing that life has to offer:

All of us

conversations about how much farting can be found in enclose spaces, like, uh, say… A CRUISE!

Goofing off

Yes, folks…having that type of family (which know you so well, that none will run to hide, because seriously did she “just say poop in our conversation loud enough to have people hear us?”) around you is priceless, specially for me, since I have a hard time editing myself sometimes…

*cough, cough* ok, ok.. MOST of the time…


fine! ALL of the time!


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