By Candlelight

10 Oct

Yesterday, I started to write a post about the meaning of life and the stars and the moons and how we are connected and how we are so deep withing ourself and, and….

Yeah, I’m full of shit… (the good kind thought)

but, back to the story: Here I was, with about 2 paragraphs of this meaningful stuff (which I honestly cannot recall) when poof! The lights blinked once and I was left in the dark… for about a millisecond… then they came back on but the, THEN, they blinked again… and it was dark and they came back on… and as I was screaming “COME ON, MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND!”… POOF!.. there I was in completely darkness with the MacBook blue light shining back at me (wow, those Mac computer geeks make powerful screen light!).

Of course … my meaningful stuff? GONE.. because sometimes  a “blond moment” sets in and I forget to save stuff , that I’m writing on the COMPUTER!

You figure that being a long time PC user, I would have this bit (clicking on the save icon every second) of a function down pact – but, I have gotten LAZY People… L-A-Z-Y, because, since I got my MacBook, (and ownership of it is going on a year now) I never.. EVER  lost connection or the system has shut down on me unexpected.

Internet folks,  I have gotten comfortable, let the ball drop! I confess!!

But I regress….

So here I was in the dark… with NOTHING of my great insightful post saved and of course, with NO INTERNET, because the wireless thingy runs on something called POWER, which I DID.NOT.HAVE, and thus my connection was down.

So what to do, what to do? Because while you are in the DARK, you realized that everything is way to QUIET, and scary and thing do go “BUMP in the NIGHT”. You sit there listening to NOTHING, and of course, you start to hear noises and your mind starts to remember all those times you mother told you not to watch scary movies and those gory, details come back to hunt you and you suddenly feel the need to have some type of light, but then you cannot find the matches, or the freaking flashlight (because we living in Florida, during hurricane season, every household has like, a gazillion flashlight that a) cannot be found when you NEED THEM or b) can be found, but do not have batteries when you NEED THEM).  Mine was b!

So, I started to panic, because it was just to damn QUIET.  And that set me to run around the silent, spooky, sinister house frantically looking for matches, because I needed LIGHT, like RIGHT.NOW!

and then I must have jumped like a thousand feet in the air, when something touched my leg… the scream I let loose was movie perfect…. and while I sat there with my heart out of my chest and beating a billion times a second expecting to like see the boogy man come at me… I heard:

“MEOW” !

And damn if I did not sit and laughed my head off.

The crazy had officially set in.  And with it, some sense of wits about me, because I then found the matches and lighted up


and sat my ass down to write this post…by candlelight.


2 Responses to “By Candlelight”

  1. antonis hontzeas October 12, 2007 at 9:47 am #

    I take it the power did eventually come on…or???

  2. Brady - Mac Got Me October 25, 2008 at 5:38 am #

    How romantic… post by candlelight…

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