Music Thursday

18 Oct

Ok.. Since I know you are all patiently waiting on my next post (I’m so full of myself!)… and I got nothing, because everything in my life right now is boring… work? boring, everyday happenings ?BORING. And since I got no dating stories, then of course I got nothing to post, as in Nada, Zip, Niente. No even the cats are helping me conjured up a witty post. I could go into details in how I baked a cake, but for that you probably can find funnier stuff over at a cooking blog… and let me tell you, there are some great one, one of my favorites is here.

And while you go and check her out… I decided that for now, until I get back into dating and all of those yummy stories about bad dates, and heartbreaks.. I’m going to call Thursday the official-non-post of the week (along with Tuesdays, and Fridays, and Saturdays and… ) because I’m also lazy, and I got major lazy going on right not.

So, to take OFF some posting pressure… Thursday is going to become Music Thursday, where I will post a video or some a link or player or something to let you know the song that is just stuck on my ipod at the moment… or a song that is worth mentioning because I just spend like a trillion hours looking for it on the internet: Like the song that plays at the end of that show in Lifetime: “Side Order of Life”… episode 13, very last song.. were she finally meets cellphone man (and if you have no clue what I’m taking about… don’t worry, its not a show for you!) and they leave us to hanging until season 2… but, getting off topic AGAIN….

so, back to the Music Thursdays idea …and with that said, this is the song the week

Running up the Hill by Placebo


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