Just Do it!

22 Oct

This was in my inbox today, its from Astroslam, which is sort of a dark twist to my daily horoscope. 

So, anyways… this is what it said today

“You’ve been yammering on about that thing, that thing you’re going to do — any day now, really. You’re on the verge of losing credibility. It’s time to do it or shut the hell up.”

I’m trying to analyze it… like we all do when we read our own horoscopes and try to find the meaning behind the meaning, behind… know what I mean? (Of course YOU DO!)

So, here are my thoughts on it:

I said I will start the dating frenzy again; I have yet to do so, so I need to shut the hell up and just DO IT.

I have gone as far as putting up a profile on one dating site, waiting for approval on it, lets see what kind of new crap crazy is out there.


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