End of Oct.. .already?

29 Oct

Ok folks, this ride called 2007 is going way to fast… I mean that is it, in 2 days, October [as we know it] is over.. finito!  And here comes November… I mean were did the time go?  Where?  Because, somehow it seem to have passed me by and I was not paying attention!

I’m a bit freaked out because my birthday is within sight… like in 52 days.. and if this ride continues to go, go, go… its going to be smacking me front and center without me noticing it…. and then I’m going to freak out even more because this year.. well I hit the big three-nine.. and seriously, that is like one step closer to the big four-o and well, who wants to get to that four-o? NOT ME!

Which is ludicrous, since I really don’t feel my age (ok…well, MAYBE after a night out and a couple of drinks, my body does not bounce back as fast).  But, I been lucky in the gene department and most people think I’m in my early thirties (no I did not pay them to say that!) which gives me a huge boost of confident, that somehow, regardless of years of fighting my mother about not using the moisturizer she keep giving me … I can get away looking younger.

Which is to say that I’m not worry… no.at.all.

Specially when I found a couple of white hair this morning as I was blow-drying my hair.  Or that sometimes those lines between my eyes are more noticeable than before.

Because the other thing my mother gave me besides genes?

The ability to choose a good plastic surgeon.


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