The Apple is going to take me to the poor house

30 Oct

I been holding off in upgrading my old iPod to the new generation, because well, plucking down over $200 bucks its a big deal for me.. and my vacation has taken a beating with my bank account, and in the next 2 months I got a trip to NYC,  tons of birthdays and holidays and that means: spending the dough BIG.TIME.

So I been holding it off… talking to myself that “hey, it will go down in price, the holidays are here… hold a bit longer”

but, no, its not meant to be, since a couple of months back, the folks at apple came out with this little number just to screw me over:


which made me salivate … and ohh and ahhh over it.  Because I’m a geek at heart, and this, well THIS just hit the bullseye dead center. 

I mean look at it! Its preeetttyyy… oh, so, so preeetty! and you choose in what color you want them!  And so I was ready and more than able to pluck the money down and upgrade to this little number.

But then, last night while watching The Bachelor (yeah, well can you say guilty pleasure) …. the Apple people screw me over some more, because they were not done with me…

Oh no, because then.. THEN they showed up to my “wanting party” with this:

iPod Touch

and I.WANT.IT… like I never wanted something before… so much so that I’m breaking out in “wanting sweat” … I cannot even watch the commercial (which aired last night 5 times in less than one hour of programing) without going into hives!

I’m so making a trip to the Apple store.. at least to play with it… and I’m promising myself that the credit cards need to stay in the car, far, far away from the cash register.

I swear to god, these people are going to take me to the poor house. 


One Response to “The Apple is going to take me to the poor house”

  1. Javier October 30, 2007 at 7:45 pm #


    Are you sure you’re going to watch videos in such tiny screen? And while driving? What you have paid for your Lasik will be down the toilet! 🙂

    Think about what YOU REALLY do with your actual iPod.

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