Are we there yet?

1 Nov

I have no clue what it is…

The new toy? I just cannot get my hands off of it *sigh*

The left over sugar overload of yesterday and today? (Everyone and their mother brought the left over candy from their house and decided that your co-workers will be better trash cans)

The fact that our overseas facilities are on holiday today? (they actually get the DAY OFF, to celebrate the day of the dead! – Lucky bastards)

The lazy feeling that I should be at home, in front of my TV, (which I need to re-acquaint myself with) watching the list of programs that have been sitting on my DVR queue for the past 2 weeks?

The fact of the matter is, that today I have pissed the day away at work, out of the 8 hours intended for work, I have spent 7.5 of those doing:

30 minutes of actual work
1 hour of lunch (pizza and chocolate – NOT.GOOD)
5.5 hours of reading blogs
15 minutes thinking about what to write on my blog
15 minutes actually writing it and then posting it.

The good news? I have 10 minutes to pick up my shit and leave so I can do it all over again tomorrow…

Is the weekend here yet?

UPDATE: As I was ready to pick and get OUT of WORK.. my boss (which I love, mainly because he is eye candy, and just watching him everyday makes me believe that they are still GOOD guys out there and I’m going to eventually GET ONE).. anyways.. he came into my office with a stack of papers (I knew what was coming, but of course I cannot refuse that man anything) and giving me the grin, he said “the spreadsheet for customer x, needs to…” all I could do was shake my head and put my butt down again on the chair… “sure .. NO problem”. And got to work.

Then the buzzer of the front door sounded.. and on the other side? more eye candy! Dress as a cop! For a minute there I though he was going to spit forth “Treat or Trick”!.. but no, they wanted us to move the cars parked in the front of our facility because in 30 minutes a helicopter was going to land there…. Like right in the front of us!

Ok.. to some this may be NORMAL… to us.. its NOT.. why? Because I live in a TOWN, trying to be a BIG ASS CITY, but not quite cutting it (yet)… but I work in another town, away from the so called city… and this is a TOWN… like a long lost town.. so the fact that a helicopter was going to LAND, IN.FRONT. OF US.. this .. THIS was a golden opportunity… I mean can you imagine the possibilities of something going wrong???? Helicopter, lading in the middle of the town. OY!

So, of course I ran back to the desk, picked up the Camera and rushed outside to wait for the chopper.

My day ended with this:


After waiting around to see who got out of it, (which was just the pilot).. so there, normal again! I decided it was a pretty cool end of a otherwise NORMAL day around these parts….


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