Eagle eyes

5 Nov

Today I had my 3-month follow up to my Lasik surgery. The moment of truth was upon me… did my eyes delivered? For $1500 bucks they had better. But, I went to my appointment feeling confident, because for the past month or so I pretty much feel like I have eagle eyes on me… I can actually see signs that are like FAR.AWAY from me, before not even with the bottle-eyeglasses I could make out what was in front of me.

So as I plucked myself on the chair and took my toy out … because you know it has Wi Fi and now I try to steal use internet service as much as I can, because well, the iPod can do this, and I look cool doing it and cute guys come up to me asking me questions, so yeah I was sitting there tapping away looking for unsuspecting networks until my name was called up.

I’m not going to bored you with the details, because anyone that has had a eye exam knows that they sit your ass down and tell you to read the chart in front of you. You know like a TEST. Well, I passed the test, I was able to read all the way down the last line (before I could not get pass the BIG LINE on top of the chart). The doctor proclaim that the surgery was a great success, my eyes were healthy and that I was now the proud owner of 20/20 vision.

In order words, I have eagle eyes… Now if I can only find someone that can give me wings to fly we are in the money.


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