Got myself a goal…

5 Nov

Ok.. So I been reading in other blogs about this itzy-bitty challenge that they have going around called NaBloPoMo translating to mean National Blog Post Month.. the challenge? You join up and make a commitement  to post every day on our own blog (or theirs) for the whole month of November.

When I went over there and got the whole scoop my first thought was… No way! That is going to be hard for me to do, I cannot even commit to a 30 minute date!  Less to writing 30 post… I mean, technically I’m already behind… I miss Friday’s and Saturdays post… Hello!

But then.. THEN! I realized, that this will be a great personal challenge for me.  I have always been a great procrastinator with certain things – Cleaning the closet anyone (yeah, I still have to do that!)  And I guess in the last couple of months Maca’s World has taken a hit… I have procrastinated the thing that makes me feel good everyday.  Because as much as i hate it sometimes, writing makes me feel good.  I’m by no means good at it.  I mean I cannot keep up with some of my peers like this person or this one, or even this one.

I mean these are seriously funny people and you can bet that reading one of their post will have you peeing in your pants, and going hummm??? or making you think deep and hard about why Britney Spears is a train wreak waiting to happen.

But NO more!  I have a challenge, I have a goal…I’m taking this bull by the horns and I will do this… I will bore you guys silly with my lists, and my everyday things, and my cats, and other stuff that I sure will come up.  I got 27 days to fill up!

Because procrastinating is good, and satisfying but sharing?… that is divine.


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