Blind date

9 Nov

Tonight I went on a blind date.

Remember those? yeah NIGHTMARES.

This particular date was with a friend of my friend IG. Which is good (you have the inside track) and bad (you have the inside track) at the same time.

But the story actually started months ago, when she told me about him, showed me a picture and send me his IM profile (pushy much?) So, Mr P and I set up a IM meet-up which ended in a crash and burn landing pad. The scope of it? I said or rather I typed something, he took it the wrong way.. he came back with an underhanded comment, I took it bad and that was that. So much for IM communication. I told IG, “Dude, no more fixing me up with your friends”.

And that is all she wrote.

Or I thought.

This past week.. IG tells me that Mr P wanted to IM me… taking the high road, I sent him a mssg. Things turned out much better than I had hoped. Plus I need to find myself a new lover.

I went for the kill.

I caught his attention.

We went out tonight. Sort of blind. Our reference was IG, our friend in common. But while a bit hesitant, I went on the date with a clear and open mind.

I’m glad I did. First impressions:

  1. He opens doors
  2. He dresses nice
  3. He looked better in person that on his picture
  4. Great sense of humor
  5. He is knowledgeable
  6. Can discuss numerous topics of interest..
  7. He can dress
  8. He likes sugar cones instead of waffle cone (brownie points)
  9. He listens to what you ae saying.
  10. IG told me he is a good kisser (Still out for debate, need to do more research)

We had a nice quiet dinner, followed by a stop at Ben & Jerry. To tell you the truth, a pretty great ending to an already perfect evening.

He said he will call

let the count down begin.


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