Toga anyone?

11 Nov

Today, I had a movie and dinner date (at my house)… after having my yummy seafood lasagna and much deliberation, we choose to watch the movie “300”.

I highly recomend it and here are the reasons why…

If you are feeling a bit freaky… and want some (of you know what) this movie will put you in the mood… ok, it has gore and its bloody and all of that.. but OMG… the bodies on these actors were oh so hot! I wanted to go back in time and live there, so I can see all of those bare chest Spartans men parading around Greece.

Of course this goes well with a bottle of wine and a guy that is wililng and able to play along the fantasy

I never knew one could have so much fun playing dress up with sheets…. amazing what a toga will do for your sex life.


One Response to “Toga anyone?”

  1. BeelzebuDasHell November 12, 2007 at 6:40 pm #

    And then you complain about guys being wusses…..

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