What kind of Stupid do you take me for?

15 Nov

Today while trying (the code word here) to return a pair of pants that I had purchased 3 days ago, the manager of the place decided that my receipt was not good enough to use and wanted to refund me the set price that she thought I had paid for before mention pair of pants.

Me: So let me get this straight, you want to refund me $16.95 for a pair of pants that I paid $39.99?
Manager: Yes, because that receipt is wrong
Me: This receipt? The one that says “your” store name, printed by your cash register, right there.
Manager: Its just wrong.
Me: Really, so you are telling me that YOUR receipt is lying and I did not paid $39.99 for the pants but actually $16.95
Manager: Yes
Me: Ok, what kind of stupid do you take me for?
Manager: no, its not that, its that the receipt is wrong.
Me: And you are the manager of this store?
Manager: Yes… but you see the receipt is plain wrong.
Me: Ok I’m going to need your name and the name of the district manager of the store.
Manager: My name? and the district manager?

I picked up my bag and went my way, because to stay would have been to much restrain on my part, when all I wanted to do was beat some crap sense into her.

Ahh the holiday, it brings the best part of us and the stupid out.


2 Responses to “What kind of Stupid do you take me for?”

  1. Javier November 16, 2007 at 2:26 am #

    I bet you already file a HUGE complaint with the District Manager or whoever needed, right? If I were you I would have eaten her alive first. I would have given her hell. Made her suffer!… SO CABRONA!

  2. Diane Mandy November 16, 2007 at 3:58 am #

    WOW! That is unbelievable. I hope you get your full refund.

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