How Do You Solve a Problem Like Miami

19 Nov

The reason why I moved away from Miami was that I just could not handle the crowds of people that were flocking the city, because that meant crowns and traffic and a bunch of other stuff that a city has to deal with when its suddenly hit with an inflow of people from … EVERYWHERE.

When your daily routine was coordinated around the traffic patters of the city, I knew I was done for. So I moved to a much smaller town, which drove me nuts until I came to my senses and moved to Tampa, which is a cross between a town wanting to be a city very, very bad.  Sort of like the city that “did not want to grow up”.

But, back to Miami…  I do love it, and in some rare (notice the RARE) occasions I still miss it, not all of it but parts of it.  I love that you  find a perfect Café con Leche in pretty much every corner of the city.  Or a great empanada, the ways that it’s suppose to be made.  That my favorite thrift shop can be counted in providing me with that great find of Armani pants at the bargain price of $9.95, because you know… there is a LABEL on the pants and it’s lined on the INSIDE!  And of course the friends that I still have there.

Unfortunately, all that pales to the rudeness, the crowns and the simple fact that Miami has become one big nasty place to visit, even while you are there on vacation.

It took the city only one day to reminded me, why I had left in the first place.

My mother and I decided that we had time to kill before we made our appointment so we stopped at the new Ikea store that just open up.  Now, as most of you know… I LOVE Ikea… I could live in that store, the only reason I have not gone bankrupt is because they have affordable stuff, the kind that you can buy, and looks good, and last and it’s not going to break your bank account.

Now the Ikea store has been open for over a month, and while there seem to be a huge following on the openings of these stores, we figure that enougth time had pass to let that grand opening comodity die.

I knew it was bad when….

We could not park at the actual store parking lot… no we had to drive 2 miles north of the store, were you could park and ride a trolley back down the street and get dropped off.

Upon entering the store 2 people actually pushed their way around me to get a shopping cart… now this would not have been so bad if I would had been reaching for the last shopping cart, but when there are about 50 carts in front of you, this is just plain rude.  I’m still waiting for the apology on the shove.

The line in the restaurant was insane, so much so, that I had to ask one of the representatives if they were still giving away free food or something.  Her response “no, no giveaway, guess they like our food” – yeah, guess so.

When using the bathroom, discovering that they were OUT of TP and people were using paper towel and 5 of the stalls were blocked.. Not a pretty sight (or smell). 

I lasted 30 minutes before I busted out of there.

We did go back the next day, since according to the information desk “if you come during the weekday, it will not be so crowded but (and she said this last part in a whisper all top-secret like) you need to come in early”

But by then the whole enjoyment was washed away from me. 


One Response to “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Miami”

  1. Monique November 23, 2007 at 4:52 pm #

    Sorry I missed you. See you in New York ! !

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