Slowly but surely….then I got hit with an HDTV

24 Nov

Remember the operation-cleaning-closet-sweep? Did not happen until today, which is 2 days off my intended date…oh wait, make that 3 days, since its Saturday and I have NOT finish it yet.

Ok.. 1/2 of it its finished, the office work-clothes half.

The other half?  I got a bit side tracked.

No, I did not sit in front of my TV to watch DiscoveryHD or the Food Network in High Def because there is nothing more awesome than seeing the wrinkles on Paula Dean face as she eats the piece of apple pie…Who ever thought we could actually watch non-HD TV?  I mean she trumps the “trying it on, and either a) putting it away, b) does not fit, it goes in the donation bag activity any time.

But, back to the side tracked event… which went a bit like this:

While operation-cleaning-closet-sweep, cell rings:

Me: Hello?
The Mother:  Hey, what are you doing?
Me:  Cleaning closet
TM:  I thought you had done that, like 4 days ago?
Me: uh, yeah.. well no, started today, an I’m going to finish today.
TM:  So, you are kinda busy?
Me:  Sort off, why?
TM:  I decided to get the HDTV we saw the other day… want to come?
Me:  Sure! (inside my head – SHIT, the CLOSET!) what time?
TM:  We can be there in 1/2 hour.
Me:  Can I get Lunch? (there is nothing to eat at my house right now)
TM:  Yeah, we can do lunch.
Me:  I will be ready (SHIT, the closet… )

Why is it the TV always wins?

and of course a free lunch bought by the mother.


One Response to “Slowly but surely….then I got hit with an HDTV”

  1. tngal37 November 25, 2007 at 3:39 pm #

    Show mama how to shop at home and you would have more time for you besides just cleaning your closets I hope you got the HDTV -P like I did it has 2 million pixels the HDTV-I only has 1 million pixels and what a difference
    Crystal clear really cool I buy all the things that I need through this website that sends me rebates on everything I buy. I look for bargains and save even more. Who doesn’t like getting money back in the mail? I don’t worry about crowds, where I’m going to
    park, or who has a better sale I shop at in my pajama’s and my friendly UPS man carry’s it to my door for me 🙂


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