Sunday at the Park

2 Dec

While in NYC, we wished for snow… all of us. Because we are totally wacko, since we were not cold enough. But, nevertheless we all had an inch and wanted snow. We all were closely looking at the weather channel and when BF called me on Thursday shouting over the phone “It’s going to SNOW on Sunday” …. we were well in our way to put in practice all the “secret” taugh us, you know, about positive thinking and bringing good karma and all that jazz. Since I’m a totally negative chica (according to the sis and BFF) my vibes were bad and I needed to leave them to the positive thinking, in that there was not only going to snow, but if there was a blizzard even better.

Apparently, not only this was one of those times that the weather channel was right, but all that positive thinking must have helped. Because come Sunday morning, I was awaken by BFF, wispering very LOUD, “its SNOWING!”

I care so much, that I went right back to sleep.

But then we bundled up and headed for Central Park were we witness the first white postcard of the season:


Follow by a blend of the “fall” to go away and the welcome of winter to come:


We walked and talked and enjoy the silence that fresh scenery brings, the park was full of people out for a stroll, or kids shouting down the mountain inside iner-tubes… for a moment I could not have wished to be anywhere else but there, with all that splendor around me and my very best of friends


We soon made it out of the park… leaving our footsteps to melt in the snow


See more here


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