Birthday countdown

4 Dec

Today is Tuesday, December 4th. Whats so important about that? the fact that in 16 days I will be celebrating a birthday, the one alloted to me this year… the one that is before the very big one (yeah, that one, that gulp! starts with the number four followed closely by a zero) which will take place NEXT year.

This year I want to celebrate it big, because I’m hoping that next year I will be celebrating it BIGGER. But, to tell you the truth the holiday season is just zapping me. I been so bombarded with the Holiday Christmas (f** political correctness) decorations, music, trees, lights, food and everything else, that I want December to be OVER as in “FINITO” people.

So, my dilemma? I want to party like is thirtylatesomething, but I’m to lazy to organize it. I have sent “save the date”, but then realized that I want to celebrate it with the most important people which will not be able to make the date.

My thinking is that I can celebrate it twice, a week before the actual date I can have an intimate dinner party, then the week afterwards, a big devil may care blow out.

Which puts me in the position of double planning… I cannot even bring myself to plan for one!

Even thought there are big incentives:

Presents – lots of them, because I have Amazon Wish list and I plan to let everyone know about it, because, its my birthday and you better have a present at hand. (not to be confuse with the one for Christmas)

Cake – TWICE! And this, well, I may slave away TWICE for this.

mmm, I better give this a bit more thought.


One Response to “Birthday countdown”

  1. Diane Mandy December 5, 2007 at 5:04 pm #

    I share the same Birthday only 9 days later. It is a big one, but you sound as though you’re handling it better than me. I can’t believe it will be the 11 anniversary of my 29th birthday. Boo. I don’t want presents or a party, I ust want to forget.

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