When Target and Crying do not go together

6 Dec

I needed to get things, like Christmas cards, (because I’m late).. and paper towels and bagel chips, and cheese, and a decoration for my front door and a couple of more things that were on my list.  

In and out in less than 15 minutes TOPS!

Yeah, right…

More like 1.5 hours later with everything but.  

Target is like a drug, (not as bad as the Apple store, but close enough) I just cannot go out of there without spending a bunch of money on things that I did not think I needed until I saw them on the shelf, then is I NEED THIS! And THIS, and THIS…and before you know it, I have gone over the allowable spending limit (set by me), because it has gotten quite bad.

What I did not plan on yesterday was having a bit of a “experience” in the middle of the books and DVD aisled

Let me paint you the pretty picture.

I walk by the books, because hey… it’s BOOKS!  And I picked up this one and then this one and then… THEN! I picked this one up.

And made the ultimate mistake of flipping thru it and then reading a bit of it and then…

wait for it.. its good… 


And not the small tiny female crying, but the full blow, ugly crying, the kind that you just cannot hide.  The kind that needs Klennex and hugs and someone telling you that it will be ok, while trying to hide because they have an incoherent, bawling female on their hands crying!

Of course when this type of crying is done in public it sorts of create an imaginary beacon on top of your head, like an arrow a cartoonist draws on top of the character, pointing “HERE IT IS”! in case you happen to miss it.  And the results of this imaginary beacon on top of your head? Attention.  In my case? The attention was in the form of a good looking man (because faith is out to get me!).

So here I am in the middle of the aisle, between the books and the 30% DVD’s… Holding this death sentence on my hand, and here comes this poor, poor man, asking me if I was ok… and the only thing I could come up with… was a a Hiccup.  Yep, you read it right I went ahead and hiccupped on the man. And then instead of getting my composure back, I did some more crying, because you know, in case he missed it the FIRST time.  So here is the man, tying to find the next escape route and at the same time not wanting to be rude… asking if I was “Ok” and that everything “will be alright” and if I “needed to get someone”… and the more he asked the more crying I did.  Until finally, I was able to get it under control for a minute to tell him that, I was fine, but that the book was so sad (I read about 2 paragraphs) and that I loved dogs and animals in general and that I did not know what was wrong, Silly me! And I was so embarrassed about this whole thing, and he was so nice to check on a perfect stranger, and all that confessing got me going again.

Until finally! I pull it together.

Then realized the fool I been and my “flight” instinct took over and I just could not hide fast enough!  

But, Target man was not having any of it and could not be diverted from his rescued mission.  And so when he invited me to sit and have a cup of coffe I was ready to throw it out there and say yes, because here was this sweet GOOD-LOOKING man, who handled my mini-break down with as much grace as one could have (under the circustances) and the least I could do was suck it up and sit for a cup of coffe. But, as I was about to shake my head, I heard one single word coming from between the row of books:


And out comes this cute girl, about 5-6 years old throwing herself at the Target man feet.

I felt like crying again…

Target is my downfall.


2 Responses to “When Target and Crying do not go together”

  1. Diane Mandy December 7, 2007 at 12:53 pm #

    Wow! What a story! You had me laughing and crying. Or, crying because I was laughing. I can’t figure out which.


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