Who am I (part 1)

14 Dec

I Am…
Easily amused, addicted to Nutella, Baci and Shaken Black Ice Tea Lemonade from Starbucks. Ridiculously sentimental, a book whore, not a morning person, trilingual, likely to love you if you love cake, a sucker for a man with an accent and with the ability to dance better than me, prone to bouts of self doubt and moments of utter self-confident.  A hopeless romantic due to a wee obsession with sappy, girly movies.

I Want
To win the lottery so I can quit my job so I can take off and travel the world.  Someone else to do my laundry and cook for me, an acceptable excuse to sleep in, a chuffer to drive me everywhere.

I Have
The greatest family ever, a dark and twisty side and many flaws, a few secrets, friends who know too much (but who I love anyway!), the ability to talk about anything regardless if I know anything about the topic or not.

I Wish
My hair dried straight, that I dance as well as I imagine I do, that I can get my lost hearing back, that more people would recycle, for non-chipping nail polish.

I Hate
Stupidity, people that have opinions but no intelligence, scary movies, early mornings, the smell of perfume, Jell-O, driving, packing for a trip.

I Fear
Growing old and alone, being boring, snakes, getting stuck in an elevator.

I Search
Every morning for my cell phone, for the “one”, for “that” missing sock after every load of laundry.

I Wonder
What I will be doing in a year, who I will marry, the point of it all, how many kids I will end up with, why I’m bent on killing every plant that I touch.


One Response to “Who am I (part 1)”

  1. Monique December 15, 2007 at 4:12 pm #

    You’re also courageous. I’ve always admired that about you. Since the first day I met you. You’ve made it possible for me to do things I would have never been brave enough to do on my own. Love Ya

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