Holiday Chear

17 Dec

This past weekend was packed with activities, I had the NYBoys in town and we took it to town! It was all about trying to fit in as much Christmas cheer, since we were not going to spend it together. So it was decided to celebrate as much of it as we could.

We started by picking one of these up:


And after much of straighting and testing, hanging, nostalgic childhood memories, lots of singing and drinking and more straighting we turned it into this:


Not bad eh? But it would not be complete without putting some holiday spirit on him:


The following day the festivities continue. Growing up in Venezuela, my favorite time was Christmas and not because my birthday is 5 days before the holidays (hint, hint, go to amazon and check my wish list! Hint, Hint) where was?

Oh yes, Christmas time… I loved it! the streets were full of  gaitas, and the smells of those foods that come only around during the holidays. The most anticipating event was the making of Hallacas, while a bit labor intensive, these morsels would bring the whole holiday concept together, the sharing of family, friends, good food, music and a bit of liquor (because its the HOLIDAYS!).

My job, since I can remember is to make the dough that will be the “base” for all the yummy stuff inside of the Hallacas… not a simple process, and truth be told, if there is anything that I stay away from making in my kitchen? Its dough related.. but we pressed on, and at the end we had 60 (very little, since most of the time 100+ are made at one time) of these little packages:


The verdict came in after cooking the first batch and trying them: DELICIOUS, all of us transported back in time with that first bite.

Afterwards I got surprised with this:


and since communications broke down between everyone, I also ended up with this: (sometimes lack of coordination is the best thing EVER)!


I don’t want to see anymore cake until…

well, uh.. *cough-cough*

this Thursday…the official, “Its your Birthday”!


One Response to “Holiday Chear”

  1. Diane Mandy December 18, 2007 at 3:02 pm #

    But the cake looks so yummy! And your tree looks great as well.

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