I look good as a 93rd year old!

20 Dec

Tonight I was taken to sushi for my birthday… my sister showed up with some goodies… like this big thing, that took over most of the small locale… nothing said it better “Hey there is a birthday OVER.THERE” with this over our heads:


The funny part of it it was that no matter how much we wanted to turn it into a “39” it keep moving to a “93” we gave up and finally realized that “93” was the magic number… I’m so using it on Saturdays lotto pick! (AN NO STEALING!)

As with all birthdays… we had to make fool of ourself… oh wait, no… they had not make FOOL of the BIRTHDAY girl like this:


Because you know I needed to make good or else I was not going to get some of this:


My sister forgot that I was trying to be a SERIOUS “Thirtysomething” she did not get the MEMO… so we did the best thing yet:


Blew those party hats out, eat some cake, the some more tempura cheesecake, “on the house” and then walk out the door and made sure we documented the facts:


This birthday kicked some “93” ass!

To the next year! The big four O.


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