Who am I (part 3)

26 Dec

The last of the series, because I’m back at work, still sick and figure I have the time to do this kind of thing… 

I Love…
myself (and that is the way it should be), my family, seeing potential, the smell of anything lavender, books, people who make me think, a man that knows what he wants, my friends, the feel of clean sheets dried in the sunshine (not the dryer), dirty jokes, chocolate, shoes!, when I get what it’s all about, people who are witty to the point of genius, cake.

I Ache…
all over right now because of the damn cold that ruin my upcoming 4-day holiday vacation and apparently the rest of the week – damn it to hell!, for my mom’s chicken soup

I Always…
press the snooze button and oversleep, say “thank you”, cry at weddings, ask for a blanket on a plane, think more is better, talk with my hands, leave a good tip, read the tabloid magazines on the supermarket check out aisle, check my email account

I Usually…
give to much information, will call you out if you say something stupid, will leave food on my plate, send birthday cards to everyone on my list, have desert after a meal, leave my shoes all over the house, very organized

I Am Not…
really competitive (unless it’s pictionary and then I want to destroy you everyone to try their best and have fun), able to lie well, likely to ever beat you on a math, currently in love (sigh), a fan of sports, unless is tennis, soccer or hockey and only at the playoff games.

I Dance…
often, in my bra and underwear, singing very off key and wondering why I do this in the comfort of my own home and not try out for “America got talent” show.


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