30 Dec

My sister launched her Pet Sitting business 4 months ago. This is something that is totally her calling, I sometimes wonder why she did not go the veterinary route. When we were kids we had a zoo at my house, my sister will pick up any stray on the street and show up with it.

Eventually we all knew that somewhere, sometime in her life she was going to end up in the “animal” business.

The holidays are the bread and butter of any Pet Sitting business. Their services are in “high demand” during this time. And my sister was in very high in the demand department this week. In order words, she “overbook” and pull my mother in me to help her out.

So, for the next 4 days the cats and myself are sharing my home with this little one:


The cats are bigger than her. She is cute and funny looking and not at all my version of a “dog”, to fragile for my taste, but she makes it up with her personality, which is larger than life.  Regardless of the “Princess” attitude she carries around, I still cannot take her seriously, why in the world would someone call her “Baby”?


I guess when the grass is taller than you, that is the only name that will fit.


One Response to ““Baby”sitting”

  1. Amina Ae Sook January 3, 2008 at 5:13 pm #

    O that iss shoo cut.

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