Here we go again…

1 Jan

Out with the old and in with the new. Here we go, 365 days in front of us to fill out with new happenings, new adventures, new mess ups, don’t you love a new year?

Now I got a good feeling about 2008. Specially since 2007 ended on a specially good note (yes, I got a secret, but I’m keeping it that for a while bit longer).

I’m sure that new 80% of the population is getting over last nights drunkenness and starting to compile the “resolution list” on their heads. Yes the list.. the one that starts with all of the right intention but dies out 3 months into the year.

But I’m different, I love the idea of list. I like to use the “I will” in many sentences. So it seems only appropriate that I get right down to it and write my 2008 list:

1. I will find love even when it continue to make the wrong turns and pass me by, that slippering sucker is not falling thru the cracks again.

2. I will finish a level 4 Sudoku puzzle and will stop apologizing for loudly singing along to all the songs by Ricardo Arjona, dancing in my underwear and watching massive amounts of reality shows on TV.

3. I will continue to travel to far off places, making sure all of my dumb behavior is documented in digital format.

4. I will ask for and get a big fat raise at work. (My shoe and purse habit is getting a bit out of hand and we need to compensate).

5. I will continue to make a effort every day to post and continue to keep you entertained with my crap.

6. I will get my ass off the lazy bandwagon and find something that will make me sweat, curse and wish I was dead every time I move a muscle. (and I’m not talking about sex either).

7. I will start to do more good things for myself and less of the bad stuff, which right now in this moment I’m going to continue to be very vague about them too)

8. I will continue my love affair with cake and chocolate and the house of crack, because you know all if good in the world when we can take huge amount of sugar and not be guilty about it.

So, there we have it… “the list”, lets see if I get 8 for 8.

So what are your resolutions this year? Besides coming to my blog more often and leaving comments?


One Response to “Here we go again…”

  1. Amina Ae Sook January 3, 2008 at 5:15 pm #

    Good resolutions. Best of luck on all of these. 🙂

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