Totally going to rock them

6 Jan

For the past week, Florida moved to the north.. while us Floridian were in our bed, someone decided that we needed to experience life up north, so they sent us a week full of temperatures in the 50’s and the 40’s and can you believe that one day we experience the 30’s.

Yeah, what is up with that?

We are the south, the S.O.U.T.H… as in sunny sky, hot, sweaty weather, and beaches, and tropical shorts with matching flip-flops.  We don’t own winter clothes (we don’t know what that is!) that matches and looks stylish.  We have not idea how to wear the winter.

It had to stop.

Our prayers were answered and this weekend the weather got with the program and tomorrow we are back in business, with a nice sunny, tosty 80’s!  Which means that my wait to totally rock the Christmas present that I received from the NYBoys is totally ON.

I mean for crying out loud who can say no to these?


Yeah, some of your the females not with a HEALTHY addition to shoes are probably hyperventilating and want them in your closet right now.

Can you appreciate them more from this angle?  Because once you see them you get the idea how these babies are going to totally make me rock it on at work tomorrow:


and as an added bonus, I’m sure tomorrows night’s date is going to totally go for the taller me, being that he is 6’2 himself…

Told you, totally going to rock them.


One Response to “Totally going to rock them”

  1. Diane Mandy January 7, 2008 at 10:28 pm #

    Totally jealous–of your weather and those shoes!

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