Its like Crème brûlée

11 Jan

I’m popping in to say



I been putting 12-13 hours at work, because my job has taken over my life! No shit. I mean , 2008 was suppose to start easy, you know, like when you eat custard, Crème brûlée to be exact, it start with the toasty, hard top and then goes down smoothly.

Yeah, not smooth just hard.

So we called an intervention called:


In honor of celebrating the BFF birthday, which occured sometime this week or last week, or sometime in the past, I cannot recall, it seem so long ago, we are taking her ass (as well as our own) to O-Town… as in the Mouse Town, as in all magical and faerie tale town …except we are planning on doing it up grown up style: As in lets see who can drink more, stay up all night long, eat (because we have to and there will be cake in there somewhere) and pick up tourist boys. And also keep a date with these men

So off I go… hopefully by the time Sunday rolls around I will be back in town, all used up, ready to face another Crème brûlée week.


One Response to “Its like Crème brûlée”

  1. Diane Mandy January 12, 2008 at 10:28 pm #

    Have a great time with those tourist boys!

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