No I have not been kidnapped

15 Jan

by the mickey mouse in O-town.

I actually been kidnapped by WORK

I barely been back and have clocked a total of 23 some odd hours at work and its TUESDAY… as in I have 3 more days of work left!

OT good.. long hours.. BAD!

Since I’m not going to bored you with what I’m doing at work to be clocking hours upon hours.. because you know its WORK and some of us may get sick just by reading the word WORK… I’m going to recap the weekend.

Which was filled with FUN and more FUN.

Friday we opted to visit IKEA, because you know I have not been there enough time in the past 3 months, seriously I getting embarrassed just by typing that I been there AGAIN. But, well… as some of you know, when one has an addiction, its hard to just stop trying to get it. So off to IKEA we went, where I promise myself, I would not get anything, I mean I have bought everything that I needed, so when I saw the container that would be perfect for storing my frosted flakes so they would not go stale on me I just could not stop myself and plucked the $3.95 at the self-served register. To balance things out, I also plucked down the $.50 for the cinnamon roll that had apparently just finished coming out of the oven, the whole cash register area smelled of cinnamon buns…and who in the right mind would pass up a just-out-of-the-oven-cinnamon-bun for fifty cents? Not me and apparently not the other 30 people making the line to get one. Those IKEA management guru know what they are doing.

So since the smell of those buns opened our appetite up, we jumped into the car and ended up at this place: BRIO and I cannot recommend it highly enough and that is saying a lot. I’m Italian, I don’t go to Italian restaurants for a very simple reason, the authentic stuff? We cook it a home. No need to go and sit and eat something that looks like pasta but taste like crap.

But this place? can we say wow! We sat outside in the veranda and after looking at the menu we finally settled on ordering the Bruschetta Quattro, which was a combination of their 4 types of bruschettas – Delish! We followed it up next with a Lobster Bisque, which was creamy, full of Lobster and just with the right amount of seasoning, the perfect part? The right size too. My sister ordered the Mushroom Ravioli al Forno – yum, yum.. and the BFF the Lobster Risotto. Of course after stuffing ourselves we ended up ordering dessert and since we could not pick just one, we ordered 3… again perfect, since they were the right size. So, if you are in Orlando… head over there and have yourself a great meal.

Saturday, we played with these:


Of course then we found the most funky strawberry ever:


and after a while we wanted to do a bit of this:


Afterwards we headed to the hotel to pretty ourselves up for a night about town (more on that later).

Because now I can hear my bed calling me and if there is anyone I love to kidnap me its my bed.


One Response to “No I have not been kidnapped”

  1. Diane Mandy January 16, 2008 at 9:36 am #

    What a crazy looking strawberry! I’m glad you had a good time!

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