Stuck on you

16 Jan

This girl got me at “Breath Me”… remember the last scene in Six Feet Under?

The one where Claire pops the CD her boyfriend (who she was leaving behind) gave her and “Breath Me” came out and just grab you.  I have that song embeded in my DNA people.  If I’m stranded in a desserted island with only one music choice to take with me… she will come along and use that voice to lured me heaven (Poetic no?).

Well she is at it again…

Sia, has just release her new album “Some people have real problems” and Oh.My.GOD!

I already downloaded the whole thing and like every single one of her songs…”Little Black Sandals” is catchy and already my iPod is playing it over and over again, since it has detected that is one of my favorites.  But to make sure I don’t make the other songs jealous, this one is my second favorite: “Day to Soon”

Now RUN and buy her album, the best $13 bucks you could spend


One Response to “Stuck on you”

  1. Diane Mandy January 17, 2008 at 9:23 am #

    I’ll check it out on iTunes!

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