11 Feb

I been living for a while on my own, as in not sharing my house and/or space with the opposite sex. The last time I actually lived with someone that I had to cook for was about 4 years ago.

Time sure flies when you are having fun.. eh?

Anyways, after working 14 hours straight, with no end in sight for my to do list, which by the way, I’m totally convince it was an octopus in another lifetime, and its coming back to hunt me down. I mean I keep marking things off and the list keeps growing straight back up – see like an Octopus… I hate that list.

So, where was I?

Oh yeah…. so, as I was driving home, my mind started to think how it sucked (the big one) to be coming home to an empty house. Nobody to greet you, or to ask you how the day went, or to tell you how their day went, or to have dinner ready. IT.SUCKED. The only thing that was waiting for me? The 4 cats, and only because they cannot open the can of food themselves, if not, trust me, not even they will be there by the door.

So, while I’m having my pity party in the car, I started to think, of the kind of man that will put up with my shit. Because people, I may be easy going, but living with me, well… lets just say, that there will be some major a bit of compromising.

Case in point:

I love to cook, but I hate to do it all the time, I can pretty much live on cheese, crackers, cereal and nutella. Having a menu everyday?.. yeah, well its not happening, unless of course its called a “take out” menu.

I tend to leave my shoes, uh..*cough* ahh, everywhere (mostly the living room and the entrance, by the front door) Don’t ask, I have not a clue why I have acquired this habit, except to maybe get back at my nanna for making me pick up after myself when I was six. (thats my story and I’m sticking to it)

I tend to want to vent, when I get home… talk about the bosses, and the stupid people that I encounter at work everyday, and the stupid person that cut me off on the road, just vent, vent and vent… I don’t want it to get it fix, I just want to put it OUT THERE. Who ever ends up with me, need to take a quick class from my cats, they have this down pat, they hear me rattle on and on… they stare, and give me the “GET OVER IT” look and walk away to lick themselves.

I love to take long showers, because I like to feel the water beat down on me. (not to say that I’m don’t know how to take fast showers, I’m the queen of fast showers) but for the most part, I like my long, no hurry shower. Yes, I’m wasting water, yes, my skin will turn into a prune, and I.DONT.CARE.

I hate to do the laundry, and will find every opportunity to get myself out of doing that chore. I will promise to clean the bathroom for all eternity as long as I don’t have to do laundry. And this internet can point out how wack I am, since I’m technacally NOT washing the clothes, the washer is doing the job, and the dryer the other part of the job… but the folding? For the love of god, I TRADE you the BATHROOM chore!

Even if I’m dropping dead of sleep, I cannot just, no… I have to pick up something (a book, a magazine, a catalog anything with PRINT on it) and read it. I may fall sleep in 0 to 90 seconds after I picked it up, but that is not the point, I need to do it. There is confort in the words.

I hate mornings.. as in DO I REALLY HAVE TO WAKE UP? I will snooze the alarm a trillion times before I actually drag myself out of bed, and when I do, I’m still sleep. So if you need to tell me anything important, you may want to wait until after 11am, when I’m actually coming around from sleeping.

And talking about sleep, I need to have a total of 4 pillows around me at all times during the night. So you better bring your own. This goes for the bed cover as well, I will fight you to the death for the duvet, and trust me I will win.

So you see internet, living with me? No picnic. And I know that once I find that perfect person, the one that will just fit right in, I will probably compromise on most of the above.

Or would I?


One Response to “Compromising”

  1. Diane Mandy February 12, 2008 at 12:39 pm #

    Maybe not. None of those soung terrible to me. You just need someone flexible.

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