Unexpected Surprises

25 Feb

Thing that happen today that were unexpected but a welcome surprise:

Shopping for a dress to wear to the wedding of Italian Girl this coming friday, Perfect color, perfect fit and perfect for my wallet: Marked down From $150 to $22.50… Hello!

Finding the perfect shoes for the dress…which I was about to give up the fight, after trying on 20 pairs.  But then I sort of gave in and decided as a last resort to try a pair that were on display next to me, which I originally gave a pass on because they looked sort of yucky, but then I put them on and WOW, DOUBLE TAKE, they made my feet and legs look like a million bucks! The added bonus? On sale too!

Finding the perfect bra for the dress on the first PASS!
Going on a date, not expecting anything, actually dreading it, since I was not on the mood for it, and having it turn into a 5 hour date, full of great conversation, lots of laughs, and the best looking hazel eyes I seen on a man yet.

Not bad for a Sunday.


One Response to “Unexpected Surprises”

  1. Diane Mandy February 25, 2008 at 6:59 pm #

    Oh you can’t get away with a one sentence on those hazel eyes. Spill it, lady.

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