There is an upside to these side effects

5 Mar

As I type, a yummy cocktail of codeine cough syrup and sweet tea is snaking its way into my belly – hopefully it will take over very soon. You see, I haven’t slept well in two nights and my doctor swears I don’t have the historic flu Worst Flu Season Ever flu, but he did agree that I definitely had a fever and a nasty cough. And my body is sore. And a killer headache. And the chills. And wheezing lungs. All of this earned me a shot and a super strong, and naturally disgusting, prescription.

Which doesn’t have much to with anything other than to say that I’m heavily medicated and lacking sleep, which is a dangerous combo. Indeed.

So, whats the up-side?  While I been feeling icky and totally out of my element in my most comfortable PJ’s (the ones that are so old they have holes in them, but I-just-cannot-bring-myself-to-toss-them-to-the-garbage kind) while fermenting a love-hate relationship with my box of Kleenex….another kind of a relationship has been crawling up my side…

This one involves an honest-to-goodness-man, the breathing kind.  Who makes me laugh until my insides hurt more than my sore chest and gives me back deep conversations and knows when to call my shit up and shucks it back at me for me to stand on attention.   Its a great feeling among these drug induce days…call it a second high if you will.  And like anyone else out there, a high is a high, but a high of the heart is the best side effect of them all.


2 Responses to “There is an upside to these side effects”

  1. Diane Mandy March 6, 2008 at 11:51 am #

    Great post. Enjoy the high!

  2. Beelze March 7, 2008 at 12:13 am #

    So the kiss was loaded after all, huh?

    Get Well!

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