13 Mar

Ok.. yeah, I been a bit lazy about posting, because, well.. ah… I been BUSY! Yeah, as in busy, busy.. like a busy bee.Yes, I totally just wrote that.

So why have been busy like a bee (yeah, I WROTE it AGAIN!)…

WORK… it continues to kick my ass. Projects after projects keep popping up, plus we are short staff and with no end in sight, and since our division is working way over budget, the odds are not very good in our favor (sort of like the Florida lotto odds) of us getting another whipping slave support person to help us out, which means more OT for me.  Which otherwise will be a good thing, except that all that working gives me zero time to spend all that OT mullah on, which is pissing me off, do you know how many shoes are OUT there screaming my name?

HELPING OTHERS… because apparently I don’t have enough “stuff” at work, I have to go and look for MORE WORK, that I don’t get paid for. So, I suddently have become very popular and been suckered in enlisted in numerous projects that other people are doing and apparently they need my suggestions, expertise, advice and able body.

NEW RELATIONSHIP… yeah, the “artist” is keeping me busy, REALLY busy, like a… AHA! We are doing the entire “first time things” that one does when you meet “that” someone new. And since we really dig each other, then we are pretty much spending ALL the time together, talking, eating (have you notice how much one eats at the beginning of a relationship?), discovery those weird kooky things about each other (He like to dip his French fries in his milkshake – and I like to tell him that is the YUCKIEST thing I have seen yet) that somehow makes it all endearing and cute and all hallmarksy (look mom I just made up a word!) I could go into more detail about how much is working out, but then I’m afraid that will jinx the whole thing, so I may keep him under wraps a bit longer (keeping you guys in suspend is what I live for!)

So having said this… all this stress can mean one thing and one thing only… I need a break-away NOW so we can add to the list…

TRAVEL… I’m off to the land down under (after many warnings from the BFF, that “I better get my ass down there or else”)… and not the Outback kind, but rather cubanland. Miami beckons and with it an opportunity of meeting up with long lost friends, eat good food, drink kick-in-your-ass mojitos and get the hair done (maintenance must be upheld at all times!), Of course the battle of the traffic will be ON full force and to make myself feel better I may use that OT mula and get my ass to shopping.

So I wish all of you a good weekend and hopefully upon my return I will let you all in the crazyness that I’m sure will witness down on south.


3 Responses to “Break-away”

  1. Diane Mandy March 14, 2008 at 12:44 pm #

    This is so wrong! But I’ll patiently wait to hear more…

  2. Beelze March 14, 2008 at 5:12 pm #

    Stay away on your side of the line missy! You Broward people cannot drive without bouncing all over the road and other vehicles! 🙂

  3. Amish Girl March 18, 2008 at 7:16 pm #

    I hope those shoes that are calling your name….aren’t God awful red platforms from a drag show…like the pair you ALREADY own….

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