Puppy Love

25 Mar

I love dogs, in fact I come from a family that always had dogs, and they were always present while I was growing up. But when I venture out to live on my own, I choose to go pet-less.


Because being a responsible pet owner is knowing when your daily schedule will make it a bit tricky to care for the pet in the first place. I always been critical of my friends that have a pet at home, but stay late at work, or go out or drinks after work, not with a care in the world that poor “Fido” has been at home ALONE, for over eight hours! That, internet is mild abuse at its best.

Uh, don’t you need to go home and feed/take out/walk your pet?

No, they will be ok! They are use to it!

I wonder if the roles were reversed you would be saying the same thing while holding doing your business for the last 9-10 hours! No wonder we have so many pets that are not “emotional” sound and have “issues”.

That is why I have chosen to have cats as my companions. They have the temperament to be home alone, and pretty much take care of themselves. Plus you have the benefit of taking care of another breathing thing besides yourself and not feel guilty in the process.

But, I miss having a dog.

So when this past weekend I helped my sister out in her Barks in the Park event – Thank you all for your donations by the way, we raised over $350… I needed to really keep myself in check, specially when all these cuteness came to call:


But it did not stop there, then we have this come about and I almost gave in:

major case of puppy love.


2 Responses to “Puppy Love”

  1. Beelze March 27, 2008 at 6:11 am #

    Oh damn you…. I want a dog!!!!!!! Problem is Cats might get pissed and we really don’t have the space…..still…

    I WANT A DOG!!!!

  2. Monica March 27, 2008 at 11:26 am #

    I can relate.. I was surrounded by so many cute puppies it was hard to resist.. even if I talked my way out of it “Puppies, HARD.WORK”.. the Humane Sociaty will just parade a bunch of cute adult dogs up for adoption, so my argument went out the window!

    I was able to hold of!

    Plus, the “artist” has 2 dogs and one of them is my favorite breed, so maybe I live my dog envy through him.

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