Past and Present

9 Apr

The Present (as in last night) 

Me:    Did not! 

Him:  Did too! 

Me:  Seriously, I did not fall in love with you at first sight, I don’t believe in that; I made you work for it. 

Him:  You wish


The Past (as in 6 weeks ago)


On the lazy Sunday afternoon, while shopping with my mother, we sat and took a break from the mayhem of the mall and I basted on the satisfaction that I just paid less than $30 bucks for a kick ass dress that looked like its 10 times worth that.  Sitting and dreaming about wearing the metallic Calvin Klein shoes was having an effect on me (or it may have been the double shot of espresso).


“I don’t feel like going on this date” I say 

“Why?” she ask 

“I’m just lazy today, and the thought of sitting and talking about myself again, it’s just daunting, I’m tired of dating and then everything going to shits, its should not be this hard” 

“But it’s your usual 30-min date, right?” she replies 

“Yeah, the in and out, I’m actually buying my own drink just in case is crash and burn and I need to bolt!” 

She laughs and says “Well, give it a shot, you never know and you seem to have your escape route pretty much planned out”. 

“Guess so…” I whine (I did)

40 minutes later I found myself sitting under the umbrella of the coffee shop, reading the local magazine, sipping a cold sweet tea and waiting.  As I flipped the pages of the magazine, I recalled the 4-5 emails we had swapped back and forth in the past weeks, exchanging stories about our past, hobbies a bit of our daily lives.  I try to bring his picture to my mind, and I could not.


I noticed when the car pulled up, and curiously looked up as he got out of the car, with a slow walk, hands in pockets he looked over at me and timidly ask

“Yes” I reply, as I get up and extend my hand towards him, he takes it and both at once say “Nice to meet you!”
“Uh, I’m going to get something to drink, want me to order something for you” as he points to my forgotten tea.
“no, no… its ok, thank  you, you go I will be out here” I said


Not 3 minutes pass and he sits in front of me.  I notice how curly his hair is, and the deep hazel brown of his eyes.  He smiles, a bit nervously.  We’re silent for another couple of minutes, we both seem a bit lost and completely unsure in how to start.


Somehow we both start to talk at the same time and soon we fall into easy conversation.  Laughs come and go and pretty soon I notice how animated he has gotten as well.  By the time the sun sets, he’s growing on me.  I like the way he smiles, sort of goofy and boyish at the same time and his voice is a deep rumble. I notice that he is a lefty the way his left arm emphasizes the points he wants to make. I like it.

I blurt out “You look better in person than in your picture”
“So do you” he replies with that goofy smile. 

I find myself a bit delighted that its going so well, but as I look down I notice that is been 2 hours. So much for the 30 min date, I think. 

“I’m going to have to go, in a little bit” I say

I notice, how his eyes changed and I catch a bit of a disappointment on them (He told  me later, that he was enjoying himself so much he did not want it to end).

“Oh, well, ok” he replies 

I don’t make a move, we continue to talk and talk and talk.  Another 2 hours passes before I realized that I really needed to go. And I tell him so. 

“I want to see you again” he tells me

“Yes, me too” I answer


I catch myself thinking “Soon!”, and instead reply with “you tell me”

“Dinner… this week? He ask

“Yes, Tuesday would be fine, it’s that good for you?”

“Yes” he replies

“Ok” I answer 

He walked me to my car and as I open the door, I turned back to him and notice the smile again and my stomach flips-flops.  He comes closer to me and we hug.


I drove back to my house, breaking out in smiles, after smile, feeling warm and hopeful. 


One Response to “Past and Present”

  1. Diane Mandy April 10, 2008 at 12:06 pm #

    Sweet! It reminds me of my first date with Max.

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