Stone Melt down

1 May

Last Friday … shit it has been a week? Anyways, last Friday, I was at the hair salon cutting my hair one more time, because well, when I have it long, I like it short and when I have it short I like it long and that is my sad, issue that I deal with.. But anyways, I was sitting there, trying to look at the magazine and totally ignoring the hair stylist (I hate to make conversation with the stylist, I’m there to get it cut, dry and then out of there – not to hear your life story.. okey-dokey?) 


Here I was sitting when all of the sudden these sharp pains start on my left side of my abdomen.  At first I thought, oh, oh… just gas.  But, the more I sat there the more the burst of pain keep coming, after about 5 min or so, I started to really deep breath, since they were getting harder and harder to mask. 

Stylist:              Uh, are you ok?
Me:                   Ahh, yeah… but, could you hurry it up a bit, I’m running late
Stylist:              Ok, but you look a bit white, you sure you are ok?
Me:                   uh, yeah, yeah… Just a bit faster please…

Another 10 minutes and I told him to skip the drying, that I needed to get out of there.  I jumped up and ran out of there… dialing my mother…walking very slowly to my car… 

Me:                  ah, yeah, its me and I’m in pain
Mom:               what do you mean?
Me:                  Totally in pain, sharp, burst of pain on my abdomen, and they are getting worse.
Mom:               what me to come and get you?
Me:                  No, will try to drive to my house and see what the hell is wrong.
Mom:               Ok, but be careful 

As I got closer to the car, I knew that there was no way I was going to make it to my house, I got in and holding to the steering wheel like a lifeline, I pulled out of the parking lot and for the next 10 minutes drove myself to my mother’s house (much closer to mine)… the pain were now coming super fast and I could barely keep it together… As I parked on my mother’s driveway, and basically fell off the car into my mother arms, I totally lost it and started to cried, I just could not pull it together anymore.  My mother and sister walked me to the car and we speed off to the closest ER.

Upon entering the ER, I knew for a fact that it was not going to be good, during my total melt down, I sat in there, holding to my side and praying for death.  By the time I saw the triage nurse, I was really letting be known that I was totally and utterly in pain and that I needed something, anything that would help me make it GO AWAY.

During the consultation with the nurse, there was a lot of back and forth between the Boyfriend the nurse, my sister and my mother… I really don’t remember much.  Afterwards the boyfriend informed me that it was NOT a pretty sight… all of us shouting at each other and me crying in pain.

I do remember the blood workup… by that time the pain had lessen (a little), and I could actually concentrate on something else besides trying to die.  It took the ER about another 1 hour before an actual doctor saw me and told me that it look like I was passing a kidney stone and that he was going to give me a shot for the pain and he wanted me to take an MRI.

The nurse came by and prep me with an IV, and a shot of heavy duty Morphine and I was flying high.  So high that I barely notice when I was inside the MRI machine and trying to keep up with the technician trying me to hold my breath so they can take a picture of my insides.

I was in the hospital until Saturday.  Most of that time was spent high as a kite on Morphine.  It has been a week, and I still feel like I have been run over by a truck.  My head feels fuzzy; my body feels like it has been in one rollercoaster to many, not to mention that I feel sleepy all the time.  The doctor assured me that I must have passed the stone, since the MRI showed a clear intestine; Kidney, Urinary track and colon… so basically, I must have pissed it off sometime during the ordeal.

My lesson learned in all of this?  I totally cannot be a crack addict … my body will not be able to sustain all of the high flying and crash landings.  The boyfriend can handle emergency situations with grace and total humor.  My sister, cannot.  My mom is the calm among the storm…. and I have the best of friends – Hi T!


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