5 May

So, since I almost felt like dying last weekend, we decided that it was time to get away, as in lets go and drink a shit load of liquor and lay at the beach….

Why you say?

Because we are all adults and can do this… plus why in the hell would you not when you have a place like this to go to?

Above is the “bad” view… the good view was this:


We had 2 days to fully enjoy this, the weather cooperated with a perfect 80 degree, and beautiful windy days, perfect to just lay at the beach and get toasty, to the point that we then had to run to the near CVS pharmacy to buy after-sun lotion to cool off the burn.

We did spend night, drinking Margaritas, eating Florida blue crab.. because the boyfriend insisted that my city friends need to get down and dirty and actually peal the crabs that were coming out of the Crab boiled that he decided we needed to experience.

The boyfriend.. was right! The crabs were delicious, the cleaning of the crab, no so much, the city friends and I decided that going to the restaurant is totally worth it, unless we can take the boyfriend with us everywhere and have him clean the crabs.

We also has to babysit the most adorable thing EVER!

And because Cookie could not be the only thing adorable during the weekend, we took Casey as well, so we could balance things out:

yeah its a hard life all right…


2 Responses to “Getaway”

  1. Diane Mandy May 5, 2008 at 12:17 pm #

    I miss Florida!

  2. mortgage June 25, 2009 at 8:07 pm #

    That is very important section. You are possibly that a good broker. Thanks.

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