In Dunny Love

8 May

This past weekend, after we finish soaking sun, and sucking Margaritas till we died… the boyfriend took me to a record store here in Tampa, who is independently owned and since the BF loves to support local gigs… that is where he plucks the money for new CD’s. Take that shit walmart!

Now the BF and I have a completely different taste in music, like the total opposite… I like Sia, Ingrid Michaelson, Madonna, The Kin and when he hears my iPod, he turns his nose up and gives me the “seriously” look….

I tell him to suck it up… you love me? you love my music.

Now, unlike him, I’m open to hearing all types of music, that is why through him I got hooked on Jill Scott (beautiful voice, all jazzy and soulful… she has a collaboration with Lupe Fiasco which I have heard so many times I think it is permanently recorded in my brain!). Then he got me turn on to the Robert Randolph & the Family Band…specifically with their “Ain’t Nothing Wrong with that”. So as you can see the boy has some type of influence on me.

But, that is not what this post is about…

When we were at the before mentioned record store… I stumble into these:


Now, I never been a big collector of anything, not even the McDonald’s monopoly game pieces to win a million bucks… I just never had the patience to seek them out, trade them and all that crap that goes with the whole “collecting” movement.   But, these… I’m in so much trouble, because, these little action figure made of soft, smooth vinyl are my new best friends…I.LOVE.THESE!  They are just adorable, and the fact they are sold as “blind assortment” makes them more desirable in my book, I like when I have to work harder for something… that is the way I roll.

So, starting this weekend, I’m going back and I’m going to start plucking down the seven bucks to start collecting these … because seriously, they are just too cute for words.


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