My Granny Bag

9 May

I love handbags… I mean really love them, if there is a choice of getting something for any special occasion -uh, like I don’t know I’m having a good day or a crappy day.. and someone puts a handbag and shoes in front of me.. I’m jumping them..

Yeah.. bags and shoes… what can a girl do…right?  I totally blame this in all the years of watching all of those Sex in the City episodes

The other thing I love? Anything that is unique and handmade… Because the mass production thing… well it does not do anyone any good… why not support those that take the time to actually create something with their creativity and plus, you get something that nobody else has in the whole wide world.. how is that for uniqueness? 

Which brings us to one of my favorite sites to shop in the internet.  This place is the “place” to buy and sell (if you are crafty) anything handmade… its a goldmind (at least in my book).

Have you been there? No? then I tell you go, go  NOW.. The treasures of stuff to be found there are excellent.  And to prove my point? 

I’m totally in love with this seller, the fabrics she uses are heavy cotton and they are never the same … I bought one of her “Granny bag” (mine print is no longer available, because it’s a one-of-a-kind thing) because the print called out to me and seriously its just too cute. 

Granny Bag from Seabreezestudio

A tip, it may look small, but holy crap all of my stuff fit in it, which is an accomplishment in itself.


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