The one were we stop being “polited” and got “real”

19 May

For those that are Sex in the City die hard fan, you will probably totally relate to this…think back to Carrie and Mr. Big in bed and something-something happen…

The scene:  Tom (the BF) is building the BBQ that we had just bought so we could make hamburgers… I was handing over the harmer and the following took place:

Him:  Did you just fart?
Me: What???? NOOOOOO (not very convincing) looking around for the escape goat, fixing my gazed on the cat and pointed… “The cat did it”
Him: Rightttt…missy YOU.just.FARTED!
Me: Did not
Him: Did too
The cat:  MEOW
Me: seeee the cat said yes!
Him: Bullshit… she was saying you are “liar, liar, pants on fire”
Me: I have not a clue what the hell you are talking about
Him: we hit a whole new level in the relationship
Me: I’m going to make cookies
Him:  you do that you fart girl
The cat: MEOW

The cat TOTALLY farted.



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