Back to the rat race… with possible finish line ending

29 May

I’m back to grueling work weeks, doing favors for family, friends, and strangers… which does not free up any of mine time… but apparently makes everyone else happy! bo hoo!

The good news.. I have brought the BF along for the crazy…so I really don’t feel so alone in all this frenzying. He has shown stream care in not freaking the f** up on me, when I’m totally going bat shit on him, due to the stress that I’m carrying around (new Birth control pills are not helping on the “mellow” cause he is searching for) In the next few weeks, I am looking forward to:

Birthday weekend get-away – taking the BF to a fancy, snazzy hotel (think big bathtub with jets and bathrooms that are bigger than NYC apartments), great show tickets, with a kick ass reservations in a fru-fru restaurant and a couple of roller coaster rides. Oh and a trip to IKEA (because you know.. its THERE!)

Trip: Phoenix, AZ – the bad news? its work related… the good news? it will be the first time in Phoenix and I have a rental car and I’M NOT AFRAID of using it! Any suggestions?

Still in the works… a trip to South America … this may or may not happen depending on the work load that now resides at my desk.

So as you can see, I’m running, running, running… with a possible finish line ending.


One Response to “Back to the rat race… with possible finish line ending”

  1. kurtis June 5, 2008 at 10:01 pm #

    Hope you make it to the finishing line!…great site!

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