It’s O.V.E.R

6 Jun

And no… it’s not what you are thinking.  The relationship is not over, that my friends is so in full force that I have to pinch myself daily in order to realized that I’m well awake and living it every single day and loving every single minute of it.

What is over is this WEEK.FROM.HELL.  FINITO! DONE! sooooo O-V-E-R

Yes, finally over and done with (I just cannot say it enough time can’t I?), or at least it will be in the next 3 hours, when I will shut off the computer (which has been my friend for the last 56 hours this past week) and high tail my butt OUT OF HERE so I can enjoy a weekend of the following pleasurable activities:

Tonight we are taking the BF kid to see this (ok, ok, you are on to us… we are using the kid as the excuse, when in reality the BF and I are more exited than the kid) 

Then tomorrow we are heading to Orlando, to start celebrating the BF upcoming birthday.  We were originally planning on doing some of this:


But we realized that mother nature is going to kick our butts with the summer heat, and instead of melting in the florida sunshine, we opted to check into our hotel and do this instead:

nice, and lazy and COOL

Then I’m taking him to see them

Because the BF, well he is musically gifted… as in what ever he touches, out comes sound.. unlike me, that whatever I touch just breaks. 

And on Sunday… guess were we are going?

Yes, you are right, a trip to Orlando and not go here would be a crime.  Plus, it will be his first time too!


One Response to “It’s O.V.E.R”

  1. Diane Mandy June 9, 2008 at 12:21 pm #

    Ha! Ikea was NOT what I was expecting.

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