And we are back!

9 Jun

… from a great, lazy weekend… we did what we set out to do… be lazy, totally and happily lazy.  It was the best weekend on many levels… first we found out that we do mesh as travel partners.. meaning that we could could actually travel on a car listen to each others horrible bad music without waiting to jump out of the rental car.  We also found out that we are both on the same page when it comes to the principle of a vacation… A vacaton full of Schedules… what the hell is a that?.. we are on vacation people, the schedule is made up by the mood one wakes up in!  And the mood was just to be lazzzzyyyyy.  We actually made a bet with each other in who could be lazier.  (It was tied at the end)

The hotel did not dissapoint, it was fancy and smashing and the lazy river pool?.. a huge hit.  With the Florida sun beating on you and trying to melt you, the fact that you could give the finger (at the sun above) by being on an inner tube with a tall cool margarita on hand and slowly making your way down the pool under a canopy of tropical trees… sure as hell beat anything that I could have planned on a “schedule”.

The show was just as good as the first time (when I took the BFF for HER birthday) and the BF loved the music and the whole goofyness of it.

And the BF first experience with Ikea… Overwhelming (his words, not mine)… he did get hooked on this pear drink called Kopparberg Pear Cider… I have to agree with him, the stuff was great!  Apparently we were not the only ones liking the stuff, because when we wanted to get more, they were all out.

If I have to choose the best part of the weekend? Knowing that there will be so many lazy weekend to come.

The rest of the week, I hit the airport, and I will be in Phoenix for a work related conference… they tell me the temperature is over 100 degrees down there now… I’m just wondering if the hotel has a lazy river pool.


One Response to “And we are back!”

  1. Mo June 12, 2008 at 1:53 am #

    Que cool ! ! Sounds like you guys had a great time. You did take plenty of pictures right !

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