Halfway Point

26 Jun

Next month Tom (the BF) and I hit the 6-month halfway point of our relationship. Can I just say something: SIX MONTHS have gone BY ALREADY?

Either, I have been way to busy to notice or having way to much fun to keep track.

With the halfway point comes lots of headway, as in WE HAVE NOT KILLED each other yet – good times! It also marks the points were we have fallen into a comfortable daily routines and observations about how to NOT KILL EACH OTHER.

He wakes up first in the morning. Ok, ok… I do have to nudge him about a gazillion times, after snoozing the alarm button a trillion times more. (Yeah, we are NOT morning people, I think I love him more for it)

He brings me a glass of water every night when I’m getting ready for bed, the way I like it, filled with lots of ice, all crushed, because he knows I like to chew on it while I read in bed.

He puts up with my reality TV shows and my obsession with Law & Order CI marathons. He knows (and accepts) that I cannot stand to watch his cartoons network fascination and late night TV more than 10 minutes into them.

He automatically got the take-out-the-trash duties, and also the folding of laundry. He knows I’m good for the cleaning of the bathroom and all major cooking duties.

He does know how to cook… as in the “lets fired up the grill and COOK!” The outside grill is getting major usage the last couple of months.

We have couple friends now! We have weekend plans!

He calls to find out if I need anything before coming to the house – can you say how awesome this is?? The fact that if I forget to pick up milk, ice, cake on the way to work, I know he will do it for me in a heartbeat.

We get each others jokes and totally sarcastic come backs.

He loves dogs. I have inherited 2 of his: Rufus, the Bull Mastiff, and Maggie, the rut. I love cats. He has inherited my 4 cats. Yes, can you picture the zoo? The animals still have not met each other yet; can you picture what is coming?

He takes my girly-girly, prissy attitude in stride and I take his caveman attitude under advisement.

He understands my loss of hearing, I totally get his ADD.

He needs to draw pictures, play the guitar/drums at least once a day. He knows that I need to have him do this (specially the music) in another part of the house.

The nonsexual physical affection – hugging, kissing, holding hands – totally ROCKS. (The other part, yeah, that rocks too.)

He is a great father. His son is just as great.

He forgets most of the time. He knows I make list, and knows to follow them.

We both pay attention and the little things? They count.

He loves me as I am… I love him just as much.


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