Dream a little dream….

27 Jun

Dreams are defined in Webster’s Dictionary as a “sequence of sensations, images, thoughts, etc., passing through a sleeping person’s mind”. Dreams have been a topic of study dating back to 4000 B.C. One may say that dreams have been around as long as the first civilization came to be and are just a normal part of human existence.

In our dreams, we can go anywhere, we can be anybody, and we can do anything. When we dream, we are like passengers on a moving train, unable to control our actions and choose surroundings. We let our mind take over.

Having said that… I’m a BIG dreamer (out of bed too, but that’s another post). I can actually fall asleep and bring forth any dream that I want, it’s like writing my own scripted dream – which it’s kind of cool in a freaky way. I also have those dreams that I don’t ask for… as in visits from dead family members, some are nice: my maternal grandmother and I? We play cards all the time in my dreams, we have important conversations, while all that card playing happens… she tells me what I’m doing wrong in my life and I tell her she needs to give me the lotto numbers. Basically, we have the same relationship that we had when she was alive and well. Some not so nice, my uncle keeps coming up and just sits and stares at me, which freaks the shit out of me, those dreams I tend to wake up pretty fast. Then there are those dreams that pop out of nowhere and have no sense at all. Last night I had one of those, and it went a bit like this (excuse the lack of descriptive narrative, since I’m still trying to remember most of it myself:

It took place somewhere in the middle of a body of water, I was never able to figure out if it was the ocean, or lake, just that it had lots of water all around. I was me, and 2 other people, and while in the dream it felt like I knew them… in reality, I had never seen them in my life. We were all sitting in a platform, which stuck out in the water – sort of like a dock of sort. We were renting flippers and mask and were ready to jump in the water to do a bit of diving. But the diving attendant of the place would not let us go in the water. In fact, he was the one in the water, talking on the cell phone while he was swimming back and forth in front of us. In my dream I was frustrated and keep yelling at him (the attendant) to come back and let us in the water, but he was to busy talking on the phone. The dream went on and on like this for a while. Finally, I and my unknown “friends” had enough and threw the flippers in the water to get the attendant attention, so he could come over to the dock, where we were. After a bit of more yelling and waiting, we finally caught his attention and slowly swan to the edge of the dock, where I properly, gave him a piece of my mind, telling him that I was not going to sit around and wait, that I wanted to get in the water NOW and I was going to do so with or without his permission. Then the attendant looked up at me and….

I woke up! Yes, WOKE.MYSELF.UP (or better yet, the alarm woke my ass up) ! Talk about anti-climatic!

And while most of my dreams go up in smoke after I wake up, this one has just stuck. I thought about it while I got ready to come to work, during my commute to work and now here while I write this. And it’s DRIVING me nuts! What does it mean? Why could I not get in the water? Who were those 2 people with me? Why all the yelling and waiting?

So I went to the internet to see if I can find out what it means, I broke it down to the things that stuck out the most about it:

Water: I know that water usually symbolizes my emotional state of mind (I look it up!). And according to the internet, “it signifies that I’m in tune with my spirituality. It denotes serenity, peace of mind, and rejuvenation.”

Diving (sort of) of the attendant: Represents psychological and emotional balance.

Dock: suggests that I have successfully gotten through some tough times and emotions.

Yelling (there was a lot of that): represents repressed anger that needs to be expressed, and I feel like my voice does not matter.

Waiting: is indicative of issues of power/control and feelings of dependence/independence, especially in a relationship. Since I was a bit patient, then it means that I know things will happen at their own pace, but alternatively, it denotes my expectations and anxieties about some unknown situation or decision

Cell Phone: indicates that I’m being receptive to new information.

People (as in those two that were there with me): To see people I don’t know in my dream denotes hidden aspects of me that I need to confront.

So as you can see, if I want to interpret this the right way: My emotional state of mind is at peace with its self, after going through some shit, which gives me the right to have a bit of repressed anger that needs to be articulated even thought I’m having problems getting people to hear me, but I’m still receptive in getting new information even thought I still need to confront crap that is hidden inside of me, and somewhere in there I need to work on my power/control feelings.

See? I have no clue why people need to see a shrink anymore. The path of finding ourselves is to dream a little dream and then hit http://dreammoods.com and the best part? It’s FREE!


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